Lessons to Learn From These Successful Lottery Winners

There a bunch of negative stories and misconceptions about lottery. Online, offline, you have probably witnessed negativity around your avid lotto playing more than once. So you wouldn’t have to fight that fight alone, we bring you some of the most wonderful stories about lottery winners you can use whenever you feel you need a hand. And who knows, you might even convert some non-believers along the way.

Lottery Winners Who Set Example

Just recently one lucky man from Australia won an A$80 million jackpot after he lost his job during one of the Covid-19 lock downs. This North Melbourne dad had been working as a cleaner before losing his job and has just bought a house before Covid hit.

So you can only imagine how he was struggling to keep his family afloat. “I am going to try and help everyone. There’s so much we will be able to do with this prize”, he said. After hearing a story like this, you kind of start believing everything is right in the world again, and that’s exactly what we all need.

But his story is not the only one by all means. There’s also Neal Wanless, a young cowboy who’d won $232 million in 2009 when he was only 23. At that point in life, he was living in a trailer with his family, severely in debt. He bought his lottery ticket with money from selling scrap metal and that eventually brought him the biggest jackpot win in South Dakota history. He said he’ll continue working and that’s what he did: he bought a ranch and makes a living off of it.

The Most Generous Of Them All

Bob Erb from Canada is probably the best example of how you should behave as a lottery winner, but also in life in general.  Mr. Erb was not a wealthy man when he won $25 million in 2012, but big money hasn’t changed him. He was an avid helper and donator in his community before his winning, and he continued to do good work afterwards.

You can find his neighbours describing him as a “community saint”, and that’s kind of exactly what he is. He spent a generous amount of his winning on helping others: from buying cars to paying for dental care of those in need. He would also regularly give money to homeless, handing out checks and cash to thousands of both strangers and friends.

“He was generous before he won the lottery. Obviously, that spirit of generosity has now been amplified”, an editor of the local newspaper said.

There are so many heartwarming stories of nice people turned lottery winners out there, you just need to look for them. Let them be the inspiration that guides you to your own big win, and don’t forget to play today.

If You Don’t Want To Lose Lotto Winnings, You Must Know This

Have you heard the latest sad lotto news from Connecticut? A woman apparently lost all of her lotto winnings, 26 million dollars to be exact, because of a mistake that could’ve easily been avoided.

How One Woman Lost 26 Million Dollars In Lotto Winnings

An unnamed woman from Norwalk, Connecticut, made the news this week after the winning lottery ticket for 26 million dollars wasn’t claimed in time. The winning ticket was bought at a store six months ago, and one woman came in claiming her ticket was left inside of her pants that went to the laundry, an employee of the store said for the press.

Unfortunately, her story wasn’t enough for her to claim the prize, since the evidence she provided wasn’t substantial enough for the California Lottery Center, the lottery provider. If the lady (or any of the other six people who filed a “non-ticket claim” for this prize) doesn’t come forward with substantial evidence (aka the winning ticket), the cash option of the drawn jackpot, 19.7 million dollars, will be donated for education purposes, a spokeswoman for the lottery provider said.

So at least there’s a consolation that the money will go to a good cause, even though that probably isn’t consoling enough for the unnamed lady in question. On the other hand, she certainly isn’t the only one, winning tickets are lost all the time, and apparently millions of dollars in prizes go unclaimed every year. Many of those times people just forget to check their tickets and don’t even know they have won, but sometimes it’s way more dramatic – like in this case.

Even More Dramatic Win

Just recently, a man in Tennessee went through a roller-coaster of emotions when he first lost, but then found a 1 million lottery ticket. He realized he won immediately, but managed to lose his ticket in all of the commotion after the win. Fortunately, his lotto winnings weren’t lost after all, because he managed to retrace his steps and eventually found the ticket in a parking lot. Imagine that drama!

To avoid such drama, you can do a couple of things. Firstly, if you went through all the trouble of playing the lottery in the first place, then at least check the ticket after the draw. Secondly, It’s hard to stay calm and collected once you realize your life has just drastically changed for the better, so there is one more thing you can do before. Many people say you should always sign your ticket after you buy it: that way you have more chances of proving the ticket was yours even if you somehow manage to lose it (or even if someone stole it).

What To Do If It Happens To You

One more tip would be to make a conscious effort to put it somewhere safe, but frequent enough: like your wallet, top kitchen drawer or sun visor in your car. That way even if you forget where you put it, you might stumble upon it anyway.

Also, if you do lose it, don’t despair just yet. There have been cases where winners have managed to prove their claims. Every lottery has a different set of rules, but there is a chance you might be able to prove you are the rightful owner by providing the exact time and place of the purchase. But be prepared to cover many details officials will certainly ask from you to make sure you are the winner.

Let these stories be a reminder that luck may be just around the corner and everything you need to do is pay attention (and play). Also, check your pockets before you put your clothes in the wash, you never know when that little action might save you!

Play here today.

What’s The Best Way for Playing Lotto?

We are living in the future and that future of ours involves a lot of possibilities, which also means a lot of choices. And although that is exactly what we fought for in the modern world, to have everything at the click of a button, too many choices aren’t always such a good thing. You can easily get lost when too much is offered to you, and the same goes for when you decide on playing lotto.

Forget Traditional Ways For Playing Lotto

Less than a decade ago people from different parts of the world couldn’t even dream of participating in American lottery, for instance. You had to be an American citizen to try to win those sweet lottery dollars. But, dreams do come true, and the scenario of winning the American lottery is very possible for anyone today. The same goes for Europe: you don’t have to be a European resident to participate in one of those huge European lotteries. And not just that, you can basically partake in any lotto you can think of. So how do you choose where and when to play lotto?

First of all, expand your horizons – even if that means you’ll be suddenly faced with too many options. As mentioned, we are living in the future, and the internet has provided us with the opportunity to play lotto online. Players around the world finally aren’t limited by borders anymore, and if you have someone to help you with the endless choices (like us, for instance), it would be foolish not to embrace playing lotto online.

Don’t Let The Borders Stop You

If you are coming from or living in a small country, the odds are jackpots you are offered aren’t really that high. In that respect, choices become a good thing, because all of a sudden you have more than one option to choose from. And don’t worry or feel overwhelmed, we’ve got you covered when it comes to narrowing down those newly broadened horizons.

When you are choosing which lotto to play online, you have to pay attention to a few factors. Firstly, get acquainted with the fact that playing foreign lotteries online also means you’ll be betting on the score, not buying the actual ticket, in most cases. That also implies that the amount you win will be provided to you by the operator you’ve placed your bet on. So remember that the site you’ve placed your bet on is held accountable for possible payouts, not the lottery association whose lottery game you are betting on per se.  

Find Worthwhile Information

Secondly, find out the odds of winning the lottery you have your eyes on. Search for the game format you like, look for the higher jackpots and other prizes (that was the primary reason why you broaden your horizons in the first place, remember), and choose to play a lotto whose results you can easily track. There are more than a few good sites that have done extensive research for you, with many different important factors pointed out and counted in, and we recommend LottoGuide for that purpose.

In short; it’s safe to say that the best way to play lotto today is to do it online, and once you make that decision, you only have to find the game that’s the most fun to you and offers you the biggest chances for winning. While you’re at it, don’t forget to have fun!