Lessons to Learn From These Successful Lottery Winners

There a bunch of negative stories and misconceptions about lottery. Online, offline, you have probably witnessed negativity around your avid lotto playing more than once. So you wouldn’t have to fight that fight alone, we bring you some of the most wonderful stories about lottery winners you can use whenever you feel you need a hand. And who knows, you might even convert some non-believers along the way.

Lottery Winners Who Set Example

Just recently one lucky man from Australia won an A$80 million jackpot after he lost his job during one of the Covid-19 lock downs. This North Melbourne dad had been working as a cleaner before losing his job and has just bought a house before Covid hit.

So you can only imagine how he was struggling to keep his family afloat. “I am going to try and help everyone. There’s so much we will be able to do with this prize”, he said. After hearing a story like this, you kind of start believing everything is right in the world again, and that’s exactly what we all need.

But his story is not the only one by all means. There’s also Neal Wanless, a young cowboy who’d won $232 million in 2009 when he was only 23. At that point in life, he was living in a trailer with his family, severely in debt. He bought his lottery ticket with money from selling scrap metal and that eventually brought him the biggest jackpot win in South Dakota history. He said he’ll continue working and that’s what he did: he bought a ranch and makes a living off of it.

The Most Generous Of Them All

Bob Erb from Canada is probably the best example of how you should behave as a lottery winner, but also in life in general.  Mr. Erb was not a wealthy man when he won $25 million in 2012, but big money hasn’t changed him. He was an avid helper and donator in his community before his winning, and he continued to do good work afterwards.

You can find his neighbours describing him as a “community saint”, and that’s kind of exactly what he is. He spent a generous amount of his winning on helping others: from buying cars to paying for dental care of those in need. He would also regularly give money to homeless, handing out checks and cash to thousands of both strangers and friends.

“He was generous before he won the lottery. Obviously, that spirit of generosity has now been amplified”, an editor of the local newspaper said.

There are so many heartwarming stories of nice people turned lottery winners out there, you just need to look for them. Let them be the inspiration that guides you to your own big win, and don’t forget to play today.

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