If You Don’t Want To Lose Lotto Winnings, You Must Know This

Have you heard the latest sad lotto news from Connecticut? A woman apparently lost all of her lotto winnings, 26 million dollars to be exact, because of a mistake that could’ve easily been avoided.

How One Woman Lost 26 Million Dollars In Lotto Winnings

An unnamed woman from Norwalk, Connecticut, made the news this week after the winning lottery ticket for 26 million dollars wasn’t claimed in time. The winning ticket was bought at a store six months ago, and one woman came in claiming her ticket was left inside of her pants that went to the laundry, an employee of the store said for the press.

Unfortunately, her story wasn’t enough for her to claim the prize, since the evidence she provided wasn’t substantial enough for the California Lottery Center, the lottery provider. If the lady (or any of the other six people who filed a “non-ticket claim” for this prize) doesn’t come forward with substantial evidence (aka the winning ticket), the cash option of the drawn jackpot, 19.7 million dollars, will be donated for education purposes, a spokeswoman for the lottery provider said.

So at least there’s a consolation that the money will go to a good cause, even though that probably isn’t consoling enough for the unnamed lady in question. On the other hand, she certainly isn’t the only one, winning tickets are lost all the time, and apparently millions of dollars in prizes go unclaimed every year. Many of those times people just forget to check their tickets and don’t even know they have won, but sometimes it’s way more dramatic – like in this case.

Even More Dramatic Win

Just recently, a man in Tennessee went through a roller-coaster of emotions when he first lost, but then found a 1 million lottery ticket. He realized he won immediately, but managed to lose his ticket in all of the commotion after the win. Fortunately, his lotto winnings weren’t lost after all, because he managed to retrace his steps and eventually found the ticket in a parking lot. Imagine that drama!

To avoid such drama, you can do a couple of things. Firstly, if you went through all the trouble of playing the lottery in the first place, then at least check the ticket after the draw. Secondly, It’s hard to stay calm and collected once you realize your life has just drastically changed for the better, so there is one more thing you can do before. Many people say you should always sign your ticket after you buy it: that way you have more chances of proving the ticket was yours even if you somehow manage to lose it (or even if someone stole it).

What To Do If It Happens To You

One more tip would be to make a conscious effort to put it somewhere safe, but frequent enough: like your wallet, top kitchen drawer or sun visor in your car. That way even if you forget where you put it, you might stumble upon it anyway.

Also, if you do lose it, don’t despair just yet. There have been cases where winners have managed to prove their claims. Every lottery has a different set of rules, but there is a chance you might be able to prove you are the rightful owner by providing the exact time and place of the purchase. But be prepared to cover many details officials will certainly ask from you to make sure you are the winner.

Let these stories be a reminder that luck may be just around the corner and everything you need to do is pay attention (and play). Also, check your pockets before you put your clothes in the wash, you never know when that little action might save you!

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